I am an Intrapreneur gone Entrepreneur,
making Innovation happen is my thing.
I champion diversity and creativity in every context I’m in.
I love to speak and write about topics I’m passionate about.

In this website you will find some stuff I’m proud of.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Stay mad and magic!
<3 / Sof

Where ever I lay my hat

1989.11  –  2008.10    Stockholm
2008.11  –  2009.06    France
2009.11  –  2010.06    Australia
2010.08  –  2012.07    Norrköping
2012.08  –  2013.05    Singapore
2013.05  –  2014.12    Stockholm / Norrköping
2015.01  –  2015.03    San Francisco
2015.03  –  Present    Stockholm



Speaker Bio

Entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, startups and diversity – Sofie Lindblom can, in a very tangible way, explain how you can connect these intangible “buzz words” to create value and take the lead in your industry. Sofie is an innovation expert, lifelong fan of the creative process, tireless promoter of diversity, inclusion and equality, an international speaker, writer, adventure sports lover and hobby DJ.

In the fall of 2016, Sofie quit her job as Global Head of Innovation at Spotify to co-found ideation360 with the mission to empower organizations to innovate through modern methods and platforms. Sofie assumed the role as CEO to build up the company and scale it globally. Her motivation comes from the belief that all organizations can be innovative with the right structure and capabilities in place. With her previous experience working with innovation internally as an intrapreneur, and with open innovation through hackathons and networks, Sofie has unique experience having worked with innovation from many different lenses. She gladly shares her insights and learnings in creative ways. Whether it is through music, a ball of yarn, a ladder or drawings, Sofie breaks down complex challenges and gives the listener tangible tips, processes and tools on how to work with innovation.

With a master in Computer Science and Media Technology, Sofie has actively driven the question on how to inspire more girls to dare to choose a profession within technology. In 2014, she received the award “IT Women of the Year” from Microsoft for her work to break down stereotypes. In 2016, Sofie was awarded as one of Sweden’s top 101 super talents, one of the top 111 most influential women in Business and “Digital Influencer of the Year”. In 2017, TCO listed Sofie as number four on the list of Sweden’s top 99 most influential people and Inspiring Fifty named her one of the top 50 most inspiring women in Tech in Europe.

Sofie is a promoter of living in many different parts of the world and has lived in Singapore, France, Australia and San Francisco. Sofie is currently based in Stockholm. Her passion for innovation and diversity has led her to board positions in Business Sweden, Silicon Vikings and Womengineer. When she is not in a board room, she loves to speak about topics she is passionate about. As a result of this, she has given two TEDx Talks: “IT girls are the new it girls” about inspiring more girls to study engineering and “All those who wander are not lost” about daring to go your own way.

Sofie has a passion for innovation that shines through and a humble humor which has made her a very popular speaker on stages around the world. She does it in her own way and the result is funny, inspiring, interesting and motivating to listen to.